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Photo of Dodd Hall mural

Dean of Students Award: The Dean's Cup

Nominations for awards in this category can only be submitted by faculty and staff. Students can not make nominations in this category.

Awarded to a maximum of three students who have demonstrated a strong sense of commitment to the Seminole Creed: The eight tenets of the Seminole Creed include: Truthfulness, Respect, Excellence, Freedom of Speech and Inquiry, Diversity, Justice, Citizenship, and Discovery. Dedication and commitment to the values should be apparent through the actions of the nominee.


  • Full–time undergraduate or graduate student at FSU
  • Minimum 2.75 GPA for undergraduates and 3.25 GPA for graduate students
  • Understanding of and commitment to the Seminole Creed and its eight tenets
  • Demonstrated contribution to campus life and the community
  • Strength of character

Nominations are unavailable at this time.

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