Current Recipients

 Student Awards Recipients

Photo of Zachary Kean

Zachary Kean

President's Award

Zachary Kean, a current first year student from Davie, FL who is majoring in Political Science and Business Management is being recognized for his contributions to the Florida State community. Zachary, this is to emphasize how appreciated you are.

Photo of Anne Lam

Anne Lam

Bob E. Leach Award

She consistently shows up for others, connects people, & creates a more welcoming & inclusive space. She has used her various leadership roles as an opportunity to create a better FSU community through compassion, empathy, & meaningful relationships.

Photo of Essence Duncan

Essence Duncan

Sean A. Pittman Award

This person is a true advocate, role model, & trailblazer for the FSU community. She has worked to build connections & community for African American students on our campus & is a glowing representation of diversity, inclusion, & social justice.

Photo of Julian Levy

Julian Levy

J.R. Harding Award

Unconquered Scholars Ambassador & 2019 Orientation Leader, Julian Levy, represents the resiliency of FSU students. His challenges and personal obstacles have motivated his academic excellence and inspired his persistent ambitions!

Photo of Angel Purganan

Angel Purganan

Student Seminole Award

This student represents FSU in each and every role she holds. Whether it be interning with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, serving as an Orientation Leader, or simply encouraging those around her, Angel Purganan serves happily.

Photo of Chanelle Dupuis

Chanelle Dupuis

Student Seminole Award

In this stage of life and career Chanelle Dupuis is a truly exemplary student to her peers and to all of us. Due to her caring exceptional contributions in leadership and service to society, Chanelle Dupuis is most deserving of this award.

Photo of Christopher Pinango

Christopher Pinango

Student Seminole Award

Over the past 4 years, this student has served as a leader in Fraternity and Sorority Life, SGA, and honorary societies. His hard work and dedication have left a legacy of positive cultural change here at FSU.

Photo of Courtney Francis

Courtney Francis

Student Seminole Award

Courtney's ingenuity and advocacy speak volumes, but what speaks louder are her actions. From creating safe spaces for students to process, presenting on tough topics, planning and executing a large scale learning opportunity, she inspires and leads.

Photo of Katie Svedman

Katie Svedman

Student Seminole Award

Katie is dedicated to her work because she uses the privilege the ASLC has as a resource to allocate funds and advertising support to groups that could use the additional reach. Her respectfulness, positive attitude, & responsibility regularly shine.

Photo of Michael Sussman

Michael Sussman

Student Seminole Award

Some veterans choose to blend in, but that's impossible for Michael. Michael is studying Cell and Molecular Biology and serves as the External Coordinator of Veterans Student Union. He makes a conscious effort to spread awareness to the campus community.

Photo of Shoshanah Bush

Shoshanah Bush

Student Seminole Award

Shoshanah embodies immersing oneself into a community. Through her work with RENEW, LeaderShape and as a Research Assistant she has taken an honest look at community needs and demonstrated the hustle to make a sustainable impact on our holistic needs.

Photo of Zachary Blashinsky

Zachary Blashinsky

Student Seminole Award

During his term as student director of MRU, Zach has demonstrated both a work ethic and an aptitude for leadership most departments would pay generously to develop in their own leaders. His service & dedication to MRU is greatly appreciated.

Photo of Courtney Francis

Courtney Francis

Dean of Students Award
The Dean's Cup

We would like to present this award to someone who has shown commitment to the students that she serves within University Housing. Through diversity and inclusion, Courtney Francis represents the core tenets of the Seminole Creed and Florida State.

Photo of Jaelyne Vigoa

Jaelyne Vigoa

Dean of Students Award
The Dean's Cup

Jaelyn, your commitment to FSU through your leadership over the past four years is evident to those around you. Continue to grow in the 8 tenents of the Seminole Creed and lead others and represent FSU as you leave.

Photo of Shane Reilly

Shane Reilly

Dean of Students Award
The Dean's Cup

2019 Orientation Team Leader, Shane Reilly has dedicated time and talents to exemplifying the Seminole Creed in every aspect of his involvement. His commitment and dedication to upholding the values of Florida State University is exceptional.

Photo of Angie Mella

Angie Mella

Transfer Student Leader of the Year

This student exemplifies leadership & service to the campus community through their role in the Transfer Leadership Institute & LAE to amplify voices, aid in their peers' growth, and lay a foundation for the future of the transfer community.

Photo of Hannah Primozic

Hannah Primozic

Instant Impact Award

This student has been a vital voice to aiding in freshmen's growth in their first year through her work with the Freshman Leadership Institute & University Housing. Hannah has embodied leadership, service & Seminole Creed in her time at FSU.

Photo of Marquita Rusley

Marquita Rusley

Outstanding Student Leader

Marquita has a special passion to serve others and promote growth. She continually creates relationships and has been able to work with members of global community, demonstrating the power behind doing meaningful work.

Photo of Arnez Wallace

Arnez Wallace

Outstanding Student Leader

Monterio Arnez Wallace graduated from East Carolina University in 2018 with a BS in Public Health. He is now in the Higher Education, MS program here at Florida State University. Monterio is dedicated to helping first generation students excel.

Photo of Miranda Perez

Miranda Perez

Outstanding Student Leader

Miranda Perez is a graduating senior from Plant City, FL. She has dedicated her time to better the Florida State community by getting involved with service organizations such as Dance Marathon, Autism Speaks, and University Housing.

Photo of Jensen Woelfle

Jensen Woelfle

Outstanding Student Leader

The definition of the word "leader" has different meanings to everyone. Despite this difference of definition, it is clear that Jensen Woelfle is the epitome of what it means to be a leader. Her impact on campus & others will be her legacy.

Photo of Aaron Goldstein

Aaron Goldstein

Outstanding Student Leader

Aaron has shown true Seminole leadership as founder and president of the Sports Analytics Club. He has spearheaded development of the first annual FSU Sports Analytics Conference. He has a unique ability to motivate and inspire his fellow students.

Photo of Pietro Pesce

Pietro Pesce

Outstanding Student Leader

Pietro works tirelessly to promote Italian studies and global citizenship through hours of volunteering and he overall fosters enthusiasm for global communication, spearheading initiatives such as a virtual language exchange between FSU students and Italian citizens.

 Staff/Faculty Awards

Photo of Bill Parker

Bill Parker

Faculty/Staff Seminole Award

Bill has put his whole heart into this work since Day One, and his impact will be felt long after he has left. The Bryan Hall Learning Community, its residents and alumni, and each of us on the LLC team are better because of Bill Parker.

Photo of Da'Shaun Scott

Da'Shaun Scott

Faculty/Staff Seminole Award

Everyone loves Da'Shaun. He has helped the Veteran's Student Union, the Hispanic Latino Student Union, and the Diversity & Inclusion Institute build strong relationships with campus partners and always offers a listening ear to students in need.

Photo of Sarah Sheldon

Sarah Sheldon

Advisor of the Year

Sarah Sheldon is a dedicated staff member who has an overwhelmingly positive influence on each student that she works with. As an advisor she has stepped-up to support an organization that is dedicated to spreading spirit and tradition at FSU.

 Organization Awards

Photo of divesity

Diversity & Inclusion in Research and Teaching Organization

Mary B. Coburn
RSO of the Year

The Diversity and Inclusion in Research and Teaching Organization (DIRECTO) has organized multiple events that have offered a “safe-space” for individuals, groups, and the Tallahassee higher education community to discuss issues surrounding diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Photo of Homecoming


Vires Award

Homecoming strives every year to create a week that is a celebration for all past and present Seminoles. This last year, they were able to create events that were more accessible and inclusive to the student body, increasing participation in one of the schools longest traditions.

Photo of LGBTheology


Artes Award

LGBTheology has partnered with local Tallahassee organizations to work on banning conversion therapy in the city of Tallahassee and held meetings on FSU's campus that educated fellow students on LGBTQ+ legal battles.

Photo of Big Event

The Big Event

Mores Award

The Big Event embodies the idea of community and the Seminole tradition of service by giving over 2000+ students the opportunity to just say thanks through service through its support with Garnet, Gold and Giving Back, NoleServe and its two main events the Big and Little Event.

 Other Departmental Awards

Photo of Myah Freeman

Myah Freeman

President's Humanitarian of the Year

Photo of Zach Blashinsky

Zach Blashinsky

University Health Services
Student of the Year

Photo of Paul Lim

Paul Lim

Sports Club Awards

Photo of Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Sport Club of the Year

Photo of FSU Seal - No Photo Available

Alexander Alvarado

Global Citizens

Photo of Chanelle Dupuis

Chanelle Dupuis

Global Citizens

Photo of Thomas Driscoll

Thomas Driscoll

William B. Clutter Union Board
Member of the Year

Photo of Cassie Compton

Cassie Compton

Academic Leadership Awards
Applied Studies

Photo of FSU Seal - No Photo Available

Christina Hanna

Academic Leadership Awards
Applied Studies

Photo of Taylor Oldham

Taylor Oldham

Academic Leadership Awards

Photo of Gianna SanGiovanni

Giana SanGiovanni

Academic Leadership Awards

Photo of Sara Uribe

Sara Uribe

Academic Leadership Awards
Criminology and Criminal Justice

Photo of Javier Ramos

Javier Ramos

Academic Leadership Awards
Criminology and Criminal Justice

Photo of James Hardy

James Hardy

Academic Leadership Awards

Photo of Mitch Hudson

Mitch Hudson

Academic Leadership Awards

Photo of Vaibhav Diwanji

Vaibhav Diwanji

Academic Leadership Awards
Communication and Information

Photo of Alex Moershcbacher

Alex Moershcbacher

Academic Leadership Awards
Communication and Information

Photo of Anisha Gupte

Anisha Gupte

Academic Leadership Awards
Motion Picture Arts

Photo of Megan Wise

Megan Wise

Academic Leadership Awards
Motion Picture Arts

Photo of Shalom Chege

Shalom Chege

Academic Leadership Awards

Photo of Vinita Akula

Vinita Akula

Academic Leadership Awards

Photo of Reannan Riedy

Reannan Riedy

Academic Leadership Awards
Jim Moran

Photo of Peipei Hong

Peipei Hong

Academic Leadership Awards
Human Sciences

Photo of Nikolas Webster

Nikolas Webster

Academic Leadership Awards

Photo of Chase Boyer

Chase Boyer

Academic Leadership Awards
Social Sciences and Public Policy

Photo of Craig T. Roby

Craig T. Robey

Academic Leadership Awards
Human Sciences

Photo of Chanelle Dupuis

Chanelle Dupuis

Academic Leadership Awards
Arts & Sciences

Photo of Rose Antoine

Rose Antoine

Academic Leadership Awards
Social Work

Photo of Bushra Rashid

Bushra Rashid

Academic Leadership Awards
Social Work


  • Adrienne Stephenson
  • Andres Paz
  • Anthony Garret
  • April Brazell
  • Beatrice Dain
  • Bob Curry
  • Brianna Gann
  • Brit Duffey
  • Caleb Dawkins
  • Christopher Collins
  • Dr. Gregory Springer
  • Derek Leach
  • E. Ashby Plant
  • Evan Albury
  • Evan Steinberg
  • Gizem Solmaz
  • Haley Gentile
  • Jacky Levi
  • Jeff Schmoll
  • Jesse Ford
  • Jensen Woelfle
  • John Witkus
  • Julian Levy
  • Kate Hill
  • Katie Pierson
  • Kerestin Goodman
  • Kimberly McClellan
  • Kylie Begin
  • Landon Weeks
  • Lexi Boynes
  • Lexi Seery
  • Lisa Liseno
  • Lissa Cone
  • Mannat Thakur
  • Maxwell Adolph
  • Meghan Leeds
  • Melissa Carcamo
  • Miles Feacher
  • Miranda Perez
  • Natalia Bamberger
  • NyAsia Shaw
  • Paige Levanti
  • Rebekah Bollinger
  • Rod Kelley
  • Ryen Pagel
  • Sarah Suber
  • Shannon Staten
  • Shelley Ducatt
  • Somnath Chatterjee
  • Stephanie Urbina
  • Tadarrayl Starke
  • Taylor Williams
  • Tina Beck
  • Valeria Rigobon
  • Virginia Osborn
  • Flute Association at Florida State University
  • FSU Medical Response Unit
  • Technole
  • Sports Analyitics Club at FSU
  • WVFS Tallahassee
  • Tau Beta Sigma
  • Seminole Alliance for World Health
  • Diversity in Psychology Organization of Graduate Students


  • Alan C. Berquist
  • Alex Moerschbacher
  • Alexa Doran
  • Alison Leach Hughes
  • Amie Runk
  • Amy Guerette
  • Andrew Syder
  • Angel Purganan
  • Ashley Bush
  • Briana Edwards
  • Brittany Armstrong
  • Bruce Harvey
  • Caitlyn Brown
  • Carter Hay
  • Chanelle Dupuis
  • Charla Perdue
  • Cory Schuman
  • Courtney Pearson
  • Danielle Krusemark
  • Da'Shaun Scott
  • Denise Mercier
  • Diego Castro
  • Dr. Gregory J. Harris
  • Dr. Stacey Van Dyke
  • Dr. Virginia Osborn
  • Elaine Howard
  • Isabella Matarrita
  • Jacalyn Butts
  • Jennifer Baez
  • Jennifer Jane Farinella
  • Jessica Taylor
  • Jessikah Pyett
  • John Tilley
  • Juan Carlos Galeano
  • Kaitlyn Gore
  • Kema Gadson
  • Kirsten Frandsen
  • Kristin Matthews
  • Kristina Buhrman
  • Larry Dennis
  • Lauren Dominguez
  • Leah Mudd
  • Lisa Liseno
  • Lisa Spainhour
  • Lucy Baird
  • Mandy Bamber
  • Michael Sussman
  • Patricia Warren
  • Rebekah Bollinger
  • Samantha Cole-Reardon
  • Sean Anderson
  • Sean Bricker
  • Tara Hartman
  • Taylor Deering
  • Victoria Verano
  • Whitney T. Bendeck